Judul ArtikelImplementasi Algoritma MAX-MIN Ant System pada Penjadwalan Mata Kuliah
Judul TerbitanJurnal Teknik Informatika (Ultimatics)
ISSN 20854552
Bahasa ind
Tempat Terbit Tangerang, Banten
Penerbit Universitas Multimedia Nusantara (UMN)
Frekuensi Penerbitan -
Edisi No. 2 / Vol.5 / December 2013
Penulis William Aprilius, Lorentzo Augustino, Ong Yeremia M. H.
Abstraksi University Course Timetabling Problem is a problem faced by every university, one of which is Universitas Multimedia Nusantara. Timetabling process is done by allocating time and space so that the whole associated class and course can be implemented. In this paper, the problem will be solved by using MAX-MIN Ant System Algorithm. This algorithm is an alternative approach to ant colony optimization. This algorithm uses two tables of pheromones as stigmergy, i.e. timeslot pheromone table and room pheromone table. In addition, the selection of timeslot and room is done by using the standard deviation of the value of pheromones. Testing is carried out by using 105 events, 45 times lots, and 3 types of categories based on the number of rooms provided, i.e. large, medium, and small. In each category, testing is performed 5 times and for each testing, the data recorded is the unplace and Soft Constraint Penalty. In general, the greater the num ber of rooms, the smaller the unplace.
Kata Kunci ant colony optimization, max-min ant system, timetabling
Lokasi P48
Cetak PDFimplementasi-algoritma-max-min-ant-system-pada-penjadwalan-mata-kuliah
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